2017 Youth Officers

The 2017 Youth Officers ran for election during the 2016 General Assembly. Learn more about them here.


  • Governor: Isaac Sloan
  • Lt. Governor: Aaron Lombardi
  • Speaker of the House: Aaron Moss
  • President of the Senate: Daniel Sun
  • Attorney General: Eva VanDeList
  • Chief Justice: Gaige Graham
  • Editor in Chief: Jordan Pennington

2018 Officer Candidates will present speeches during the Governors Ball on November 21st, 2017.

Get to know your officers! 

In order to get to know the 2017 officers more, we asked them three simply question. All of
them had unique answers about their journeys to receiving their leadership position.

Describe yourself in three sentences.
Isaac Sloan (Governor): “I have lived in Colorado my entire life, I was born in Denver. I am a senior at Pueblo West High School. I am involved in several extra circular activities like Youth in Government, Speech and Debate, baseball, cross-country, just stuff like that.”

Aaron Lombardi (Lieutenant Governor): “I love playing cards. This is my second year as
Lieutenant Governor. Also, I really love nature, a lot.”

Edward (Eddie) Fantauzzo (Chaplain and Head Lobbyist): “I am a senior in high school. I am strongly involved and passionate about government things. And I am a Christian.”

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Jordan Pennington (Editor-in- Chief): “I would describe myself as fun-loving. I love to read and write. Something that I would like to do in the future is attend California PolyTech Institute in California.”

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Eva VanDeList (Attorney General): “I am very enthusiastic about Youth in Government this year. I love the government and everything; all the processes and things like that. I am driven, hard-working, enthusiastic, and super excited.”

Aaron Moss (Speaker of the House): “I am a fun person to hangout with. I enjoy helping other people. I am an ambitious individual.”

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Daniel Sun (President of the Senate): “I am cool, hopefully. I still have my stuffed little lion from when I was really little. And I love Youth in Government.”

Gaige Graham (Chief Justice): “I’m a junior, 17, from Pueblo West High School. I absolutely love government. Also, I love a cup of coffee in the woods just as much as I love the beach.”

Why did you run for an officer position?
Isaac Sloan (Governor): “I ran for a few reasons; probably first and foremost my experience. This is my seventh year in the program. I kind of felt obliged like I could better the program because of my experience. I also have been around the program because both of my brothers were governors, so I’ve seen what they’ve done right and most importantly, what they’ve done wrong. I feel like I have the knowledge and experience to make improvements.”

Aaron Lombardi (Lieutenant Governor): “I ran because I think the program is really cool and I wanted to be involved in it more. Lieutenant Governor last year was a really great experience so I wanted to have that similar experience this year as well.”
Edward (Eddie) Fantauzzo (Chaplain and Head Lobbyist): “I did not run it’s an appointed
position. I was appointed because I have gone to the national convention with Aaron
[Lombardi] and Isaac [Sloan] before, so. And I have been here for three years. And I have been chaplain before, so I, I guess, they knew me.”
Jordan Pennington (Editor-in- Chief): “I ran in hopes of making this a better way for youth to engage in current events”
Eva VanDeList (Attorney General): “So, I have a passion for law. I was an attornery last year, and I got to go against kind of the governor and his water bill last year, and I really found a great passion with that. And I thought that I could help other people with the same passion that I have.”
Aaron Moss (Speaker of the House): “Last year, when I ran for speaker of the house, it was my second year in Y.I.G., and so I really enjoyed the atmosphere that Y.I.G. brought in. It was just a really cool experience, and so I loved helping people. Last year, I got the opportunity to serve on the Governor’s Cabinet, and so I kind of got that like leadership role there. And it was just a ton of fun, you know, helping people and having that role of leadership, so I thought I might as well run for speaker of the house. You know, it was my last year since this year is my senior year. And I won, so now I have the awesome opportunity to be speaker of the house.”
Daniel Sun (President of the Senate): “I ran because I thought there were some inefficiencies within Youth in Government. I also think is cool to not only experience Youth in Government but also contribute to running the program.”
Gaige Graham (Chief Justice): “I ran to have leadership for the Airforce or Coast Guard
academy, which is where I want to go to college. I would love to expand and better this
What is your vision for this years session?
Isaac Sloan (Governor): “We have the most people we’ve ever had at the conference, a lot of those are from schools like Gateway, so shout out to them. My vision is just to bring everyone together. Have everyone be respectful and discuss the big, important issues that we are facing today, especially in Colorado. If we can accomplish that I think we have accomplished the biggest goal we can.”
Aaron Lombardi (Lieutenant Governor): “I would like to make this program one that people look back on for the rest of their lives. Something that people say, ‘that was a powerful experience that helped shape who I am and defined my interests,’ because that’s what Youth in Government did for me. It really helped me realize that politics is my calling.”
Edward (Eddie) Fantauzzo (Chaplain and Head Lobbyist): “I really want to improve the lobbyist program because it’s still kind of new, and I want to get feedback from a lot of different people and make sure everyone is able to share their ideas, and be encouraged to share them more openly.”
Jordan Pennington (Editor-in- Chief): “My vision for this session is that we can get together and share ideas, and, in the end, come out with more respect for each other than anything else.”
Eva VanDeList (Attorney General): “This year, I really enjoyed last year, so I do want to follow in what we did last year, as well. But, I do want to have more kind of unity. I didn’t really know a lot of the attorneys last year or other people in different branches, so I thought that this year getting to know more people and what they’re all about.”
Aaron Moss (Speaker of the House): “Yeah, so I know that last year, everyone was really … like the session got really pressed for time, and, you know, a lot of people didn’t get to speak on bills that they wanted to, so I really want to run it efficently. I don’t want it to be a drag; I want it to be fun, too. I also want everyone who wants to speak should get to speak so really just a fun, energetic, and efficent house.”
Daniel Sun (President of the Senate): “My vision is hopefully for the first time in the past couple years to get through all the bills so we can have an efficient debate and YIG session.”
Gaige Graham (Chief Justice): “My goal is make sure the judicial branch is able to do more and actually really dive into what law is because I know that in some past years they have not had a lot to do. So I hope they are able to actually learn something this year.”

Authors: Ashley Hatch and Sierra Snyder