Officer’s Luncheon

Officer’s Luncheon

During the lunchbreak on Monday, the elected officers took a trip to the Legislative
Service Building for a luncheon. However, before anybody could dig in to the sandwiches and chips the officers and the volunteers, such as State Representative Phil Covarrubias and trial lawyer Craig Wagner, had a meet and greet where everyone acquainted themselves with each other.

luncheon 1
Once everyone got to know each other, the feast began. There was also an opportunity for some one on ones with the volunteers. Joe Sprague (shown below) was one of these volunteers, as he has been a Youth in Government trustee for 10 years!

luncheon 2

Phil Covarrubias is a 1 st year State Representative for District 56 who volunteered to help with Youth in Government. He described his job by saying, “It is incredible, amazing, and terrible,” (Covarrubias 2017). He finds his job to be an enormous amount of pressure, coupled with wonderful moments full of reward and instances of uncompromising anger and displeasure.

luncheon 3

Once everybody finished up eating in the commons, the luncheon moved to the conference room, where the officers asked the representatives questions. The 7 officers sat around the five representatives.

luncheon 4
Aaron Lombardi asked the first question, which was, “What inspired you to become a
representative?”(Lombardi 2017). The answers ranged from Phil Covarrubias simply
wanting to protect rights and really make them unalienable by bring Colorado back to its roots. Kim Ransom answered that she simply wanted to, “Keep Colorado as Colorado.”

Another question, asked by Isaac Sloan, was next. He asked for a number one life tip from each of the representatives. This question was enthusiastically answered by Leslie Herod, who said to talk to, and actually listen to, people with whom you disagree with because, often you learn about others as well as yourself.
Kim Ransom seemed to agree, saying that you must get involved, and be out there in order to make a difference. You will learn more helping others than you will only helping yourself.
The other representatives gave short answers, as they were short on time; these included having perseverance and always being prepared, as anything can happen. Also that goals are often very hard to achieve and take two, three, four, and sometimes many more tries.

The luncheon was capped off with a very well shot group photo.The perfect end
to the perfect lunch.

luncheon 5

Author: Zachariah Shelest

Photographer: Ashlyn Davis

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