Attorney General: Nathaniel Jackson

I was given a very important opportunity to meet with your Attorney General, Nathaniel Jackson. When I asked Nathaniel to give me a fun fact about himself, he responded that he is left-handed.  When asked about his vision for what he wants to accomplish within his term, he answered, “I want to make it [law] more centered more on constitutionality,” and that the constitution is a, “very important document in our nation’s history.”  Lastly, I asked about what inspired him to run for this position last year.  He stated that he was a page in the Judicial Court and later became an attorney; finally inspiring him to run for Attorney General. Jackson stated he, “admired the process” of the law and how it rules our country and he, “enjoys the style of debate” that occurs within the Judicial Court.  This is your Attorney General, Nathaniel Jackson.


Nathaniel Jackson at Pre-Legislation. Photo by: Cenon Caramanzana

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