Governor: Daniel Sun

By: Jake Bolen and Jordan Emery

Today, we interviewed Daniel Sun to learn more about what inspired him to strive for the position he currently holds.  We asked him three questions about what made him run, his favorite political figure and if his political idols have an influence on him during his campaign. To start off our interview, we asked what made him run for governor. During his response he stated,  “At this point in time, you’re able to change and help the program the most”. He is very dedicated to the changes that need to be done in the government.

The response to our second question, who is your favorite political leader, Daniel responded with President Theodore Roosevelt. He believes Roosevelt, “is one of the few examples where it wasn’t the times that made the man, but the man made the time”. He believes that Roosevelt, “changed what the presidency meant” and, “fought against things that were wrong” . His current political influencer is Bernie Sanders. He even stated he was a, “Huge Bernie-Bro.”

Daniel does not believe that his idols changed or influenced the position that he decided to run for. Roosevelt and Bernie may not have played a part in his campaign, but his idols have changed who he is.  “Roosevelt and Bernie Sanders had influence because they taught me what it meant to be a leader”, he believes, “Leadership is something that I think is really valued”.

We were gifted the opportunity to look into the mind of this young leader and gain discernment about his political life.  Famous political advisors and internal motivation shaped the person he is today to hopefully be mirror in Daniel’s future life as he continues to influence others in the same manner.  


Photo by: Cenon Caramanzana


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