House Bill 1-103: Exempt Feminine Hygiene Product from Sales Tax.

By: Victoria Cordova Estrada

Author Annika Spilde of the Fairview High School delegation, has spoken about her passion about the tax cuts within feminine products. In her explanation to pass her bill, it was because “there are many other productions and items that people are willing to and unknowingly pay taxes for like sales taxes like food and other pharmacy productions.”

Coming personally to this debate, I saw that there weren’t any opposing arguments to this topic.  However, according to NPR reports, they have explained as to why companies oppose this bill. One of the main reasons as to why, is because they believe that keeping those taxes would increase their profit and keep their business going.

I have asked the author and have researched how much a woman spends on feminine products each year. According to USA Today article called “Why Feminine Hygiene a Newest Consumer Battlefield” it states, “the average woman spends 150-300 dollars a year.” In other words, an average woman can spend more than what she earns in her lifetime.


Students in general assembly. Photo by: Ashlyn Davis 

Coming back to the topic of not exempting this bill, I took it upon myself to research more on to why exempting this is a common issue, and I have found that in the Tax Foundation article, it explained that the lower the tax is increasing the amount of tax fairs on items,” They continue to erode the revenue productivity of these taxes…As sales tax base get smaller, they must raise tax raids on items to generate the same amount of revenue.”

Coming to the conclusion of this bill, many have not disagreed about this topic, however, this kind of bill is commonly known across the world with many opposing sides being made outside of this program.

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