Polly Lawrence’s inspiring speech towards the Youth In Government participants of 2018. Rebecca Bennett

By: Rebecca Bennett

Today at Youth In Government we had the honor of listening to guest speaker Polly Lawrence, an American politician of the Republican party and a member of the Colorado House of Representatives. She has represented District 39 since 2013. She has served five years in the Colorado House of Representatives. Her first year working (2013-2014) her committee assignments were judiciary, transportation and energy. Her 2015-2016 committee assignments were again judiciary, but she had adopted the legislative council in place of  transportation and energy. Her assignments had become finance, transportation and energy again in her 2017-2018 term.


Photo by: Ashlyn Davis

Throughout her terms, Lawrence has expressed her many opinions. One of her strongest opinions is that term limits are a very inefficient way to deal with politicians. She claimed that politicians forced to serve under a certain amount of time are at a disadvantage with their communities. Forcing politicians to remain under a time limit does not allow for the politicians to be aware of bills brought up before their time serving.

When asked about term limits by a member of the YIG delegates, Lawrence replied, “Not a fan. I think, you’re electing us for a reason. And we need that knowledge and the past history for the things that have been passed.”  She had expressed in a rather passionate tone that she believed that term limits impacted the abilities of politicians to understand what bills had been brought up in the past. She claims that knowing the history behind what the Colorado people or previous politicians thought would benefit Colorado, and would benefit the current politicians because they would have a sense about issues that had occured once, and may still be occurring.


Photo by: Ashlyn Davis

Lawrence claims that she had to dedicate a lot of her time to writing bills and to revising them in order to have them pass. She said that the bills she found important, she would revise them. In one case she brought a bill back three years in a row, and the bill passed only last year (2017). Lawrence encourages the youth in the house during her speech to keep revising and if they are passionate about their bill they should be working to get it implemented.

Lawrence’s overall message to the Youth In Government audience of 2018 was to pursue your ideas and if you are passionate about something, keep pushing until it is accepted or changed.

It was a wonderful experience to see her and hear what she had to say.


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