2019 General Youth In Goverment Assembly

This Monday, the 2019 Youth In Government kicked off with the annual opening ceremony. After the Pledge of Allegiance, YMCA State Director of the Youth in Government program, Amy Louvier, gave a speech that welcomed the YIG attendees to the capital. Amy reminded everybody to keep things in perspective and be kind and thoughtful towards others.  Afterward, Teresa Kutt, Vice president of the YMCA Marketing Department, gave a warm and welcoming speech reminding all that what they are doing is important. Next to speak was Bobby King, Vice President of Human Resources and Chief of Happiness officer of the YMCA, welcoming all to another year by giving an interesting speech on the ways to behave and be successful in YIG. He began by talking about civil discourse, and how it is sometimes lost  in actual political events. He defines civil discourse as a conversation or other interaction that is intended to benefit or enhance understanding. He also talks about some rules to follow, behavior-wise, to create a functioning and unbiased government system. “Be open to new ideas,” he says, “Be calm, don’t make things personal, and be positive. Your generation is the change makers.”

Judge Dave Stevens closed the opening ceremony by swearing-in those with officer positions. He began his speech by explaining how, in his line of work, bias can be a problem. He went on to explain why he wears the robes with no complaints. He talked about how he thought it was sad that 26-36% of the general population couldn’t name the branches of government, and how thankful he is that YIG was created because, in the long run, people don’t have the rights that they think they do. For example, the government only provides lawyers for criminal cases and most people, not knowing this, demand a lawyer for other cases and end up without one. The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor then stepped up and introduced themselves. They talked once again about how this generation is full of people who can make a change. The Attorney General gave a short speech, and soon after the opening for YIG 2019 was concluded. 

Opening up the 2019 YIG year

By: Tristan Medd 


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