AN ACT TO: Limit the amount of animals put down at Euthanization Shelters

House Bill 3-302 by KC Wenzel and Celeste Alamillo from Gateway High School is,  “An act to Limit The Number ofAnimals Put Down at Shelters”  This bill will ensure the protection of animals which includes their lives that are put at risk, and the rights they possess that are all highly important to, “foster a better community.” This bill would eliminate the injustice of animals and really help create a more purposeful outcome.

According to the bill, it will only be used to protect animals within shelters which will allow to remove the chance of these animals losing their lives for unnecessary and greedy reasons. In addition, the bill has a requirement which is that the maximum number of animals euthanized in a shelter must be 15%  of the total species population in a 30 day time frame. That will help promote that any animal who is in healthy conditions will no longer be able to be euthanized just because of lack of resources or space the shelter facility obtains.  With that being said, it will exclude any animal who is required to be put down due to fatal medical conditions. Shelters will be obligated to hold onto the animals that are brought in for seven days until they are euthanized.

In a way, both of the authors believe that the usage of euthanasia to manage dog and cat overpopulation causes health issues and emotional stress. It truly has financial, moral and ethical ramifications for communities. Now, if bill requirements aren’t followed as they are put out, a $750 fine will be expected for a first offense. If it comes down to a second offense, then a $1,000 fine will be put in place. As more violations occur, then shelter closures will be at risk, and will be further investigated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

In section 5 of the bill, it promotes that “$100,000 will be allocated to the Colorado Department of Agriculture, which will be used to conduct periodic checks, as well as the aforementioned investigations from the penalty clause.” This helps to further understand the seriousness the bill itself has, and the importance it has to try and reach this goal for the better of animals established within shelters. Any additional money made by the penalties of this bill  will also be used for the funding of periodic checks and investigations. To further expand on that, a tax will be laid out to impose on casinos once they’ve made 1 million dollars. That money will be the start of, “foster care programs and/or shelter expansions”

Overall, as any bill going through the house, there is always some sort of complication. In this case the bill was pushed aside several times, but was further spoken on and brought into conclusion that it was a good bill to pass. It was a very good day for bot authors as their bill was passed, and has a chance of being brought into account.

By: Darian M




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