An Overview of the Bill to Repurpose one Restroom into a Gender Neutral Restroom

Today in House Committee two, one of the many bills passed was bill 2-208: “Repurpose One Restroom Into a Gender Neutral Restroom in Colorado High Schools.” The first person to give a speech was a Lobbyist giving a sponsorship speech. During his questioning period, Representative Jacquot asked a question stating, “How will this bill be followed if there is no incentive?” The lobbyist responded by saying once the school is contacted and still does not listen, further actions will take place. The other person to give a speech on this was Lucas Jacquot from the Delegation of Resurrection Christian School, and spoke in negation of this bill. He believed that the bill had a good idea, but said there was no incentive for this to actually be put in place. After giving his speech, Jacquot made an amendment to the penalty clause, stating that if a school doesn’t change one of the bathrooms, they would be fined $5,000 every month until they do so. When Jacquot was giving his speech on the amendment, he brought up the point that no one will do this if there is no incentive. His way of fixing this penalty clause was adding this amendment to try and actually make the schools commit and put this bill into place. The committee then moved to vote on the amendment. They thought that this penalty was too harsh and too much money for not placing a new sign outside one of the bathroom doors. So, the committee did not pass this amendment. After another speech and a little bit of waiting, one of the authors came and spoke on their bill. She then proceeded to give her speech on why we should pass her bill while waiting for the questioning period to come. She started to look through her bill book and realized that she didn’t add in any sort of fine as an incentive for the schools. When asked what she would do for a fine, she said someone should make an amendment to include that the school should be fined $2,000. After questioning period finished and the author sat back down, Jacquot remade an amendment following what the author suggested they should do for the bill. After giving the committee chair his second amendment, in hopes that this one would pass, the clerk then read the amendment saying that they would add, in the penalty clause, that the school will be fined $2,000 every year that it doesn’t comply. The representatives saw this as a more reasonable option and greatly considered it. The committee was also more convinced because the author gave the idea for this second and final amendment. Then the committee moved to vote on the new amendment for this bill. Surprisingly, everyone voted for this amendment and it passed. It turned out that Jacquot’s Amendment just needed a little more tweaking for it to finally pass. And thus, in turn, caused the bill to pass through committee.

By: Emerson Langer



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