House Bill 4-403

House bill 4-403 made by Esward Tetteh from Gateway High School was an act to “establish funded college and career centers for all public high schools in Colorado.” The purpose of the bill, as stated in section 2, is that public schools should “have a center dedicated to all students from 9th to 12th grade that ensures help with affordable colleges or career schools.” To sum up the rest of what section 2 offers, bill 4-403 says that it would help students choose colleges that are affordable and it will provide assistance on making better decisions for student loan payments, scholarships, FAFSA, or grants. Section 2 also states that it will help students obtain skills, knowledge, and the tendency to be successful in life.

Section 3 of the bill 4-403 states that students are required to visit their college and career centers in their designated highschools. Section 3 also provides information about helping prepare them for college readiness by giving them access to financial aid resources and once again assisting students with grants, FAFSA applications, student loan payments, and scholarships. The college and career centers must be in the vicinity of every public high school. According to section 3 the college and career centers will be funded “By keeping the state government share distribution of sales tax on retail marijuana at 12.59%.” That would then allow for legislation to provide over $7.0 billion to provide funding for all 647 public high school districts. The budget that would be given to each school is stated to be a guaranteed $8,463.56 to aid the establishment of the college and career centers in all Colorado schools.

Section 4 states that the penalty clause is not applicable. Moving on to section 5, it just restates the way that it will be funded. Once again the college and career centers will be funded by marijuana tax revenue which is 12% of the State Government Share and each school will be given a total amount of $8,463.56. Section 6 states that house bill 4-403 will be effective on July 1st 2020 when the legislature of Colorado approves Public School Finance Art which will then turn into the school’s budget for the 2021 financial year.

During the committee meeting (house committee 4 on education) while this bill was being talked about no one opposed of house bill 4-403. Every representative stayed quiet while being asked if there was anyone to speak on negation, the bill was going to be passed after being proposed for about 10 minutes. That was until Daniel Lin stepped in and decided to speak on negation for the bill. He commented things like, “Would those $7.0 billion be taken away from funding something else?” or “The money could go to other beneficial programs.” Daniel also asked if it would be extended to students who want to study abroad. I then later sat down and interviewed Daniel. I asked him why he opposed the bill to which his response was, “I only opposed because no one else did, but I support it.”

This was passed in committee

AN ACT TO: Limit the amount of animals put down at Euthanization Shelters

Darian Macias

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