Senate Committe #3

Senate Committee room #3 is the branch of the Senate that takes care of bills about  criminal activity and crime. They started today off by tackling bills such as a “Bill to Change the Age Restrictions of Purchasing and Posessing a Firearm” and a “Bill to Prohibit Corporal Punishment on Students”. The third Senate Chamber has strong willed members, with most having opposing opinions on bills presented. Questions flew about the room and rebuttals were given straight and to the point. The lobbyists in the room added to the conversation; bringing in new ideas. As the Senators in chamber three went to work on these bills, they ran into a few problems. It appeared some of the bills during the session weren’t written clearly and the wording was a bit confusing. They might not have been clear, but they did address some important issues. Take, for instance, senate Bill 3-302; a bill about the age people should be allowed to purchase and possess firearms. The argument presented focused on the lack of a current legal age requirements for possessing a firearm and brought attention to the purchasing age being set at eighteen. The bill sought to raise the age requirements in order to lower occurrences of mass homicide, suicide and other death’s caused by the use of guns. Despite the fight for the increase in age, the bill would not affect as many people as hoped because many of the public massacres were brought about by adults, not youth.  On the other hand, it would decrease the amount of school shootings by the hands of youth, which has been an increasing problem in the United States for the past couple years. The true reason the bill to “Change the Age Restrictions of Purchasing and Possessing a Firearm” was voted down was due to the missing aspects that needed to be included and weren’t touched on in the bill. In the end, this problem made the bill not pass through committee three. 

Saying no to gun age requirements

By Tristan Medd 


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