An Overview of James Coleman’s Life

James Coleman is a man of faith and a current State Representative for the State of Colorado. Earlier this morning, he came in and spoke to all the delegates participating in the YIG 2019 session. He talked about his life, including how he became who he is today. To start off, he was born in Denver, Colorado. Soon after that, he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada until he turned eleven. At the age of 11, he moved right back to Colorado and has been here ever since. When Coleman was younger he was a very troubled kid and got into many of fights and altercations in school. He said that he got kicked out of every school he attended until fifth grade. Then for his sixth grade year, his mom sent him to a private Baptist school. This school changed him for the better. When he turned thirteen, Coleman even began to go around and start preaching the word of God. Later in his life, a fellow colleague that was running for state senator suggested he should run. He responded by simply indicating, he didn’t have  the time to run as senator at that time of his life. But when the election for the state senator came around the corner, he decided he was going to go for it and ran for state senator in 2016. As he would say, ” I went to bed losing, and woke up winning”. Coleman won by 80 votes. He became the youngest senator to be elected at the age of 29. The reason he went for this position is because he wants to represent all people and help them in any and everything they need to make Denver better: education and also to challenge himself. In 2018, he was re-elected as the state senator in the education committee. James Coleman started out as a problematic child but soon came to be a successful man who is here to represent all people!

By: Emerson Langer


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