An Overview of the House

       Today, as snow has begun to fall, the House and Senate came together from their committees and started to go through the bills that have been passed through their committees. The House has been really quiet with no one going up to speak. But, one speaker stands out, still, speaking on almost every bill. Lucas Jacquot, a delegate from Resurrection Christian school, rises to the challenge. The House is moving pretty fast and has passed only bills: 3-301 and 2-208. The Bills that have failed are: 4-401, 3-302, and 4-403. Not many bills have been passed and bill 1-105 is holding the House up. This bill is an act to: Mandate Construction of Electric Car Charging Stations on any Sizeable Residential or Commercial Building. Representatives Jacquot and Lin battle it out and they both seem very confident on their stance. Representative Lin started it off by giving a sponsorship speech for this bill. He stated that less and less people are purchasing electric vehicles because there is supposedly no where to charge them. As questioning period came around, Jacquot proceeded to ask him a question asking how much would it cost to implement one of these on said property. But Representative Lin didn’t know and couldn’t answer the question. Next came a speech in Negation spoken by Representative Jacquot. He talked about how private companies would be forced to put in an electric charger for the electric cars. But he said it would be a waste of money if they built one of these and it wasn’t even used. He thought that this would be unfair and a waste of money if it’s not even going to be used. After this, Representative Lin motioned for a Lobbyist to speak on behalf of the affirmative side, and would try to sway people to vote in affirmation. Then one representative made an amendment to the bill, and it later passed when they went to vote on it. After many speeches going back and forth between the affirmative side and Representative Jacquot, they finally came to a conclusion. After Jacquot’s strong fight for people to negate this bill, he eventually lost and the affirmative side took the win. So, in conclusion, the bill passed and will now be moving on to the Senate to be debated. Another bill that has been debated is House bill 1-104. This is an act to: Place a Fee on Single-Use Plastic Bags in Supermarkets. A Representative motioned to suspend the rules and have both authors come up and give a speech on their bill. This motion passed, and Senator Hopkins and Nguyen gave their speech and they were very passionate about it and felt that this bill was needed to help maintain wildlife and the land that tourists come to Colorado to see. Many people were supportive of this bill and also wanted it to pass for the sake of the preservation of their state’s nature. During this, in the back a couple Lobbyists were sending pages to send Representatives over to them to talk to them about passing this bill. With this, they helped gain more voters in affirmation and inturn, passed bill 1-104 over to the Senate to be debated. 

By: Emerson Langer


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