House Bill 1-103 

Today, in the chamber of the House of Representatives, bill 3-301 was passed. The bill is an act to “Change State Song to Careless Whisper. Bill 3-301 would eliminate the current state song and replace it with the smooth song, Careless Whisper by George Michael. 

The current state song of Colorado is, as Representative Willebrand said, “some opera song, but it is no George Michael.” The old state song no longer fits with the rapidly growing and progressive state of Colorado. The tender lyrics of Careless Whisper such as “Guilty feet have got no rhythm, though it’s easy to pretend.” Perfectly describe the endless beauty of the Colorado mountains while still bringing to light the major cultural differences within our state. The words so thoughtfully put to music by George Michael seem to nearly be written directly to the great people of Colorado.

 The current state song Where the Columbines Grow fails to bring nearly the amount of state patriotism as the inspiring words of George Michael. The current state song also tends to leave a feeling of dreariness, through the use of somber lyrics such as “The home of the wolf is deserted, The antelope moans for his dead.” To invoke such emotions upon the citizens of Colorado seems ridiculous as the state song should be one that evokes patriotism and love for the great state of Colorado. George Michael does this in an incredibly effective way, one simply cannot hear the words so perfectly sung by George and not nearly be brought to tears by their beauty. This emotion provoking song is exactly what is needed to bring Colorado the proper honor it deserves, George Michaels flowing lyrics give listeners clear images of the magnificent rivers that cut through the mountains and valleys on the diverse topography of Colorado’s landscape. 

The lyrics currently used as the closing stanza in the Colorado state song mentions the demise of the state of Colorado “In its fair Western home, may the columbine bloom, till our great mountain rivers run dry.” Why would the current state song mention the end of this great state? However, George Michaels lyrics that remain written in eternity mention no end of the great state of Colorado. He exhibits such diction in stanza six saying, “The way I danced with you, never without your love.” George Michael, a clear Colorado patriot, evidently would like to create a new hope in Colorado in which all citizens become proud citizens and candidly love the great state in which they live. The passing of this bill is a step in the right direction for the state of Colorado and in the immortal words of George Michael “Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend.”


House Bill 1-103 

By: Hailey Reeves


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