Media Panel Reflection

If one were to define who a journalist is, one might say it is a  person who covers stories for newspapers, magazines, news websites, or prepares news to be broadcasted; however, behind all the cameras, computers, and pens, journalists have more than just this title. Journalists Patty Calhoun, Jesse Paul, and Audra Streetman share personal and professional insight into the world of journalism. Whether a journalist comes from an education in which they majored in journalism or happened to discover their love for journalism while majoring elsewhere, each of these journalists share a common interest in covering stories and providing accurate news. Not only do journalists take on the task of covering stories that they are required to find the information for, but they also have the job of providing information that is accurate. In addition to finding, writing, and sharing this information, journalists must put in long and difficult hours in order to efficiently execute their job and stories. Even though journalists put in their best efforts to deliver the truth to their viewers, the job, unfortunately, comes with dislike from people holding differing opinions. Handling the hate comments and the differing opinions of viewers is a whole job in and of itself, as it puts more pressure on the journalists. These criticisms encourage journalists to continue to pursue the truth and write the most reliable stories. Overall, journalists are tasked with much more than just writing the story; they must dig deep into the case and use the information that they acquire to formulate engaging and eye-catching stories, while still ensuring the most accurate information is shared to their viewers.

By: Emma Rider and Ashley Wicker

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