Restaurants Banning Plastic Straws

      You may have heard that there are many restaurants which are banning plastic straws. The restaurants are also turning to paper straws. Paper straws are made out of wood pulp. Some of the better quality straws are made out of Kraft Paper. These straws are bio-based which means that they are renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and composable. The paper straws uses unleaded materials. Paper straws are more preferred because biodegradable paper is better for our land and oceans. We want to protect our earth and be okay with the next generation living on it. Paper straws are just plainly better to use. 

Plastic may have been used for generations but there are better uses for it. Paper is better for the environment and will one day be used more than plastic, so we can save our earth just a little more. Most plastic straws are not biodegradable which means that they cannot be broken down by natural bacteria, or in other words, they can not be decomposed. When the plastic straws do break down, they make micro pics of themselves and release their chemicals into the soil, air and oceans. This is harmful for the spices that use these substances to live, for example: animals, humans, and plants use all these things. There are more than 500 straws used per day in the United States. Plastic straws are prone to end up in the waterways. Plastic straws are already banned in New York City, Seattle, Miami Beach, Vancouver, Hawaii, California, Great Britain, Scotland, and Taiwan. Also in the UK, Queen Elizabeth requested that the royal gift shops and the museum, to not use any plastic straws. Some zoos and aquariums  have banned straws. The University of Portland, the University of Chicago, and the McDonald’s in the UK have all stopped using plastic straws. Plus there are many other alternatives to plastic. 

Plastic has taken over the oceans and has killed our marine life. This is tragic and an avoidable issue. An estimate of 299 tons of plastic were produced in 2013. The production of plastic has been increasing ever since. Plastic is strong, water proof, and pretty inexpensive, so why wouldn’t we use it? This producing of the plastic is too much, which is creating plastic pollution. When you take a walk on the beach you can always find at least a couple pieces of plastic. The plastic either comes from the water when the tide lowers, or it can come from anyone who leaves on the ground and doesn’t pick it up. On average 8 million metric tons end up in our oceans every year. This number is also rising every year, so the prediction for 2025 is 16 metric tons put into the ocean. Some birds lay on the beach dead and when their body starts to decompose, a pile of trash lays where the birds stomach is supposed to be. Many animals in the ocean can’t see very well and eat the plastic because they think it’s food. For example, turtles eat plastic straws. Straws sometimes end up in turtle’s noses or they eat them. The plastic kills the animals because of their toxic chemicals. 


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