Available Roles

State government brings together a variety of people, each performing different, essential duties. As a member of Youth in Government, you can learn about these important positions by acting in the following roles during General Assembly.

  • Pages. As a page, you’ll be part of the legislative action, and submit and debate bills and transfer communications. Pages are responsible for transporting printed documents throughout the Capitol and even across the street to the Downtown YMCA. These roles are recommended for middle school and some first-year participants.
  • Lobbyists. Lobbyists use communication and creativity to persuade legislators to pass or fail bills based on the interests of groups or companies they represent. Lobbyists are assigned bills to support and use printed material to communicate with legislators. They are able to speak in committee but not on the House or Senate floor.
  • Journalists. Journalists get a front-row seat to the legislative debate and write, edit, and print a daily General Assembly newspaper about the issues being discussed. They also publish updates on social media and create and broadcast videos about General Assembly news.
  • Representatives and Senators. These leaders use skills in parliamentary procedure and public speaking and create, debate, and amend bills.
  • Supreme Court Justice & Attorneys. These individuals participate in a moot court case and present oral arguments and decision papers. They also apply Judicial Review to the bills submitted during the General Assembly.

Appointed Positions for 2019
These positions are appointed during the Pre-Legislative Session.

  • Chaplain of the House
  • Clerk of the House
  • Clerk of the Senate
  • Committee Chairpersons
  • Head Lobbyist
  • Cabinet Members

Run for Office for 2020
Several key leadership positions for 2020 are determined during the 2019 General Session. These positions include the following:

  • Youth governor
  • Speaker of the House
  • President of the Senate
  • Attorney General
  • Chief Justice
  • Editor-in-Chief

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