“Civility in the Chaos”

To kick off the Youth in Government 2019 session, the excited delegates eagerly listen to Bobby King, the Chief Happiness Officer for the YMCA. He kindly encourages this community and reminds every one of the value roles of the generation of “change makers.” During his short speech, Bobby made an impact on his impressionable audience, representing the impact of practicing the legislative process. He emphasized civil discourse; a necessity for all individuals involved in the debate realm. He continuously reiterated that differences make individuals unique and powerful in their own way. The relevance of agreeing through the disagreements calmly, allows the government to remain stable and on its feet. He then outlined a three-point plan to achieving raw civil discourse with other members of society. First, one must always be open to hearing new opinions and accepting new information and viewpoints humbly. Every person has an individual lenses of beliefs and experiences to back them up. This deserves to be celebrated and respected especially in environments like the chamber. Next, a calm attitude allows hostility to be easily avoided. Throughout time, exceptional figures, like Steve Jobs, have referenced how a calm attitude can significantly impact the mood of any environment. Lastly, Bobby King outlined the key aspect of positivity. Remaining positive even in a place of conflict is crucial to maintaining a safe environment for opinions to be shared and a civil debate to ensue. Overall, the main take away from his speech is to prioritize civility in everything one does. So press on in today’s tasks and pursue kindness through it all. Good luck in whatever today may bring!

By: Ella Ritsema, RCHS