Cory Gardner

Inside of a Senator’s Mind


Cory Gardner gave a speech, but ended it early in order answer questions from delegates. Gardner explained how impressed he was with the amount of young people that have taken interest in government. He encourages us to continue this interest as well as expand it in order to improve the current conditions in our state, country, and the world.

Much like Governor John Hickenlooper, Gardner’s speech was intertwined with light humor. He even shared a short story about how his daughter made the mistake of saying, “and to the republicans for which it stands” at the end of The Pledge of Allegiance instead of, “and to the republic for which it stands,” at the age of four.

Wanting to demonstrate for the group of students how leaders take matters into their own hands Gardner asked the speaker if he may have permission to obtain questions from the house of representatives.


Gardner was very open-minded to the questions that were asked and tried to answer each one with an understanding that their were many different opinions in the room. One of the representatives asked how can we trust our elected officials to receive money from private companies that lobby for their own interests in our own government; especially when they threaten public safety. Gardner’s response was that tragedies happen, and we try to find a way to stop them, but not by going against the constitution, instead by being better prepared.

Gardner was able to answer may delegate’s questions during his short time and we truly appreciate him coming to speak with us.


Author: Yodit Alemayehu

Photographer: Brittany DeRosier