H.B. 2-205 Sign Language for Law Enforcement

Another bill that was put up for discussion in the house this afternoon was House bill 2-205. This bill is an act to make police officers take three one-hour online classes to learn American Sign Language.

Representative Alicia Wu, from Fairview High School, spoke on sponsorship of this bill and said that “ …learning sign language can improve cognitive processes…” This is an important thing to say because if police officers can learn to be smarter, it may encourage our youth to want to do the same.

Representative Douglas, from Golden High School, after being asked if this bill could be a waste of time, said, “For a law enforcement officer because they are taking time out of their schedule.”

This bill passed with a count of fifty-five to zero. I support this bill in full because I believe that our law enforcement officers need to be able to readily access people skills with all people at all times. Making police officers learn American Sign Language would accomplish this goal and, ideally, create less issues with cops around the country.

Author: Saben Brooks