H.B. 3-301 Kneeling During National Anthem

H.B. 3-301

The next bill on the line for the youth governor is House bill 3-301. This bill addresses an athlete’s right to kneel during the national anthem at sporting events. This bill was highly criticized and highly sponsored yesterday as an attempt was made to pass it through the House.


I strongly support support this bill not only because our president referred to NFL players as with incredibly unbecoming language for exercising their rights to protest, but also because athletes use their professional sport as their outlet to protest issues in the world and actually be heard.

The major debate surrounding this bill was centered around each person’s individual rights, such as coaches’ right to fire their players if they feel like the player is hurting their brand, and it will be interesting to see how the bill plays out in front of the governor.

Author: Saben Brooks

Photographer: Brittany DeRosier