John Hickenlooper

Speech from a successful Governor

“In order to be successful you have to work hard, be nice, and never quit,” proclaimed
Hickenlooper to high school students as he gave them advice on how to become successful in a society full of an intelligent crowd. Hickenlooper introduced the situations in his life that led him to his success in becoming the Governor as well as the setbacks that might have affected his career today. He used these examples to help motivate and assure high school students that anything is possible as long as these three guidelines are a part of your priorities.


Advice coming from a well-known man in the seat of the executive branch could lead
many to be influenced by his ideals. After all he is a representative of Colorado and the students gathered have witnessed his struggles. He discussed the deaths from the tragic shooting in Aurora, the floods, and the wildfires, as being all issues that we have seen as Coloradans and issues he has faced as governor.
Hickenlooper spoke of his own life experiences as a teen that was not interested in
politics. He later found his interest and became the Governor of Colorado. It was hard to believe that he was that person once upon a time and is now a well-known person in the state of Colorado. His goal is to administer joy and belief rather than doubt and pessimism.
This was not your typical speech as Hickenlooper appealed to the delegates through his light-hearted humor and recant of experience. His incorporation of enthusiasm was much more engaging than listening to a speech full of meaning with no enthusiasm. We sincerely thank the Governor for paying us a visit and for his inspiring speak!

Author: Yodit Alemayehu

Photographer: Brittany DeRosier