S.B. 1-101 Euthanization

Senate Bill 1-101

Colorado Youth in Government has reached its final day. Many exciting things are happening as we are leading up to the youth governor’s signing of the bills, and there are many bills to be excited about. 

Senate Bill 1-101 is talking about limiting the number of animals being outspent at euthanization shelters. This bill was passed yesterday and I feel that this bill has the potential to be signed. I feel this way because not only does this bill play with your emotions, but this is a legitimate issue. Dogs who are in shelters need to have the chance to live until their owner can come and get them from that shelter. The fact that these shelters euthanize animals prematurely takes away the owner’s right to take care of the animal and the animal’s right to life.

IMG_8931Author: Saben Brooks

Photographer: Brittany DeRosier