S.B. 1-101 Euthanization

Senate Bill 1-101

Bills are being passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate in student youth in government today. Many issues are being addressed at this time and this all leads up to tomorrow morning when the Youth Governor will sign off on the bills.


One of the many bills up or discussion on Tuesday, November 21st is Senate Bill 1-101. This is a bill stated to lower the numbers of animals put down at euthanization shelters. This bill was sponsored by a representative from Gateway High School, Celeste Alamillo. She delivered a speech asking how you would feel if your dog was put in a shelter and euthanized before you could get to it. This speech was delivered very well.

Representative Li, from Fairview High School, came up and pointed out the weakness that there was “…no agency for enforcement…” However valid the point, the bill was passed. I agree with this bill and it’s passing because this is a legitimate problem across America. Animal shelters sometimes abuse their power if they have an unclaimed dog and euthanize it without permission from the owner. This takes away the dog’s right to life and it takes away the ownership from the owner.

Author: Saben Brooks