S.B. 1-105 Pitbulls

Bill 1-105 Legalizing pitbills in all counties and municipalities of Colorado

Bill 1-105 found on page 89 of the 2017 bill book was debated in the Senate chamber on November 21, 2017. Authors Rachal Nguyen and Emily Nevarez wrote their bills in hopes of legalizing pitbulls in all counties and municipalities of Colorado.

Senator Larry Blackshear and Irina Amouzou were both advocates for this bill’s passing. Irina Amouzou highlighted the leniency we give towards other harmful things like guns, and asked why we immediately attack the pit bull breed as a whole.


Larry Blackshear’s argument was different. Mr. Blackshear started off his speech with a memory of his own. He lets the Senate Chamber know that this bill is very close to his heart because his childhood pet was a pit bull. He also emphasizes an important quality that the pitbull breed has: it’s ability to protect and defend. During his designated time for questioning, a senator in the senate chamber pointed out the fact that there are other dog breeds that are also considered dangerous like rottweilers.  

    Lobbyist Bethany Simpkims was interviewed and asked about her stance on the bill. She does not support this bill because she believes pitbulls are the most agressive out of all the dog breeds. Ms. Simpkims recommends to edit section 3 for provisions for people aren’t as supportive of this bill as Senator Larry and Irina.

Lobbyist Bethany also recommends to provide an insurance policy for pitbull owners so that they’re more inclined into being responsible for their animal’s potential harm and damage towards others.




Author: Giselle De Haro

Photographer: Brittany DeRosier