S.B. 1-109 Wage Gap

Senate Bill 1-109 An Act to : Amend CO Rev. Stat. Sec. 8-5-101: Colorado Equal Pay Act to Reduce the Gap Between Men and Women’s Wages


Gitanjali Rao wrote an amazing bill to reduce the wage gap between the sexes in Colorado. She just turned twelve years old on November 19th and is in seventh grade, and she has already submitted an extremely detailed bill in order to promote gender equality. All throughout America, the gender wage gap is a prominent problem, as seen through the graph (https://nwlc.org/resources/wage-gap-state-women-overall-2016/). The bill is to amend the already-law in Colorado’s government to close the wage gap, and it is amending it in order to ensure that the wage gap is closed at a much faster past than currently anticipated with the current law.


Overall, paying women less can be detrimental as “The undervaluing of women’s work and the under-utilisation of women’s skills is a lost resource for the economy and for society at large. A better use of women’s skills allows them to better contribute to the economy as a whole” (http://ec.europa.eu/justice/gender-equality/gender-pay-gap/tackle /index_en.htm). All of this shows that gender inequality is a large problem, and Gitanjali Rao is determined to try and change it.


Giving her speeches, Gitanjali Rao was very nervous at the beginning. However, the bill passed the initial committee with no debate or questions. Then, it moved onto the senate had no debate but with a few questions. Finally, it moved onto the house chamber where it had no debate, and after her authorship speech, she received a standing ovation because of how good her speech was. Many people came up to her afterwards to congratulate her on how well she can speak in front of large groups of people. Next, some of her exact answers to questions relating to her passions and bill are found down below.


Q: “Why did you become interested in public speaking?”

A: “I like public speaking because I can, through my different pitches and tones, I can express what I want to express in many different ways to prove my point.”


Q: “Why did you decide to focus on women’s rights?”

A: “Because as being part of an Indian family, I know that my mom and her fellow employees receive different salaries even though they have the same skill set. I just wanted to make a difference.”


Q: “How do you feel that your bill passed both the senate and the house without any debate?”

A: “Great. It’s amazing to see that a bill that I started out just as a conceptual idea has become this far. I’ve brought more awareness to an issue that I care about.”


This girl has already passed her bill on the gender wage gap through the initial committee, the senate, and the house without any debates which shows just how much potential her idea has to go far.


Author: Sierra Snyder