Get to know your Attorney General and Chief Justice!

3 WEEKS PEOPLE! 3 WEEKS!! We are getting closer to our 2022 session by the minute!! This week on the blog, we have Riya Singh (Chief Justice) and Mary Oswald (Attorney General). Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about our little Fun Fact of the day segment. Today’s Fun Fact is: For 20 years, a cat, named Stubbs, served as the Mayor of a small Alaskan town.

So glad to have you back reading with us today! As always, we are anxiously waiting and excited to see all of your faces!

Question 1: Tell us about yourself!

Riya: Riya is a junior at Pueblo West High School and is involved in many extracurricular activities! These activities include fencing, dance, being captain of the Speech and Debate team, and Mock Trails. She is also on the Youth Action Board for the Health System in her community. In Speech and Debate she competes in Lincoln Douglas Debate and USX.

Mary: Mary is a senior at Pueblo West High School! Mary participates in Cross Country, and Track and Field. Mary is also Vice President of Student Council, and participates in Speech and Debate, and Mock Trails!

Question 2: What initially got you involved in Youth in Government?

Riya: Riya was encouraged by her teachers and the seniors on her Speech and Debate team to attend Youth in Government. She also knew that there was a lot of overlap between Speech and Debate and Youth in Government, and thought it would be a great opportunity!

Mary: Mary was also heavily encouraged by her teachers to go. Mary also wants to be a Attorney in the future, so she knew this would give her great experience!

Question: What drove you to run for your officer position?

Riya: Last session, Riya had the opportunity to be the House Committee Chair and got to learn a lot about leadership through that. She wanted to take the next step up in her leadership and go for the role of Chief Justice!

Mary: Mary also wanted to take initiative and take that next leadership role, as she has a lot of experience being Vice President of Student Council! She saw an opportunity to use the skills from that area and implement them into Youth in Government!

Question 3: What is your favorite part of Youth in Government?

Riya: Riya’s favorite part of YIG is allowing students to engage in civic activities who may not have the resources to do so. The YMCA is an incredible place that allows students to have these kinds of opportunities! Riya also loves how YIG is mostly Student led.

Mary: Mary’s favorite part of YIG is engaging with students from across the state, and getting the opportunity to engage in government activities!

Question 4: What are you looking forward to most this year?

Riya: This year, Riya is most excited to meet new people within a bigger delegation this year. She is also excited to make new friendships with people who enjoy the same activities as her, including Speech and Debate and YIG!

Mary: Mary is super excited to be back in the capital with a bigger delegation! It is also Mary’s senior year, so she wants to make the most out of it by meeting new people and making new friendships.

Question 5: What is something you would like to do differently this year?\

Riya: This year Riya would like to see more delegates take initiative for officer positions for next year! Along with that, she hopes to see the spirit of campaigning more prevalent within those who are running for officer positions. She also wants to make sure that all delegates are educated on the benefits of running for an officer position!

Mary: Mary is excited to see what new speakers we will have this year will be like. She also wants to make sure there are more activities for delegates after sessions at night time, to enjoy each other and get to know other people from all over the state! She also wants to really emphasize the Governor’s Ball this year, and she hopes that it will be all the rage this year!

Question 6: What advice do you have for new and returning delegates?

Riya: Riya’s advice is to take initiative! Even if you are nervous to debate, or make a point, just do it! With practice it will become more comfortable, and actually so much fun! She also wants to make sure everyone reaches out to people outside of their delegations.

Mary: Mary agrees with Riya, and thinks that everyone needs to be open to meeting new people! She also would recommend getting familiar with Parliamentary Procedures prior to session. Also, she wants everyone to make sure they have their Aff and Neg speeches written for their bills!

Well, so glad you could join us again in reading our third blog post! Again, we can not wait to see all of you at session in the capital super soon!!

Thank you for reading,

Tate Maddox, Editor in Chief

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