Role Assignments for November 2022 YIG Session

Autumn 2022 Youth in Government Role assignments

Student Officers

Governor                                                                                                        Bryce Newbanks RCS

Lt governor/head lobbyist                                                                              Ellyott Siffring RCS

President of the Senate                                                                                   Kaiden Dockter RCS

Speaker of the House Dathan Montera, Ivan Kozlov Pueblo West

Editor in Chief                                                                                                     Tate Maddox RCS

Attorney General                                                                                          Mary Oswald PWHS

Chief Justice                                                                                                      Riya Singh PWHS


Aaliyah Berry                                                                                                            Gateway

Mihira Chandrakar                                                                                                     Fairview

Chiebuka Onwuka                                                                                                      Pueblo West

BrenSean Riley                                                                                                           Gateway

Valeria Valdez                                                                                                             RCS


Cole Carnes                                                                                                                RCS

Brian Elliott                                                                                                               Holy Family

Tim Evans                                                                                                                   RCS

Elijah Fauth                                                                                                                RCS

Estella Hageman                                                                                                        Holy Family

Alexander Potter                                                                                                         Holy Family

Clerk of House

Aliza Mitchell                                                                                                             Pueblo West   

Clerk of Senate

Avery Luther                                              RCS                                                                                                                

Sergeant at arms of the House

Jillian Bickford Holy Family

Sergeant at arms of the Senate

Elected by Governor

House/Senate Chaplains

Elected by Governor


Sammi Bennett                                                                                                           Holy Family

Jared Cullison                                                                                                             Holy Family

Rylie Eckman                                                                                                             RCS

Robert Cerimele                                                                                                         Holy Family

Troy Lopez                                                                                                                 Holy family

Ben Souza


Abagail Garza                                                                                                             Holy Family

Olivia Kingsley                                                                                                           Holy family

Ryan Siffring                                                                                                              RCS


Callie Gillespie                                                                                                           RCS

Avery Graff                                                                                                                RCS

Carino Cordova                                                                                                          PEHS

Peyton McNair                                                                                                            RCS

ElliJo Musgrove                                                                                                          Holy Family

Noah Michaelson                                                                                                        Holy Family

Emma Schartow                                                                                                         RCS

House Committee One

Chair: Luka Nieto                                                                                                       Lakewood

Addison Barker                                                                                                           RCS

Rory DeBacker                                                                                                           Holy family

Kalis Deulen                                                                                                               Pueblo West

Caitlyn Garza                                                                                                              Holy Family

Madilyn Gemperline                                                                                                  Holy Family

Julia Hunt                                                                                                                    Fairview

Samuel Langer                                                                                                            RCS    

Aspen Leng                                                                                                                 Pueblo West

Isabella Prohs                                                                                                              RCS

Alena Rageth                                                                                                              Pueblo West   

Hailey Donner

House Committee Two

Chair: Jacob Cromley                                                                                                   RCS

Merick Fisbeck                                                                                                           RCS

Orion Frakes                                                                                                               Pueblo West

Jasper Hale                                                                                                                  Fairview HS

Iris Lara                                                                                                                       Holy Family

Phil Rasmussen                                                                                                           Pueblo West

Marco Valdez                                                                                                            RCS

Lucas Geerts Fairview

Lyla Roalstad RCS

Kevin Zhang Fairview

House Committee Three

Chair: Leti Innocenti                                                                                            Pubelo West

Madelyn Baldwin                                                                                                       Holy Family

Vaughn Green                                                                                                             RCS

Savanna Juencke                                                                                                         Holy Family

ArraCxelii Martinez                                                                                                   Pueblo West

Camila Martinez                                                                                                         Holy Family

Briana Otteman                                                                                                       RCS

Bailee Rainford                                                                                                           Pueblo West

Madelyn Szabo                                                                                                           Holy Family

Noah Wetmore                                                                                                            RCS

Chloe Houlton RCS

Senate Committee One


Karyssa Adams                                                                                                           Pueblo West

Lincoln Brown                                                                                                            RCS

Ethan Carter                                                                                                                RCS

Aleah Cruz                                                                                                                  Pueblo West

Jackson Leyh                                                                                                              Pueblo County

Maelin Rennemeyer                                                                                                    RCS

Sterling Smith                                                                                                             Holy Family

Xavier terjale                                                                                                              Pueblo West

Zach Stetz                                                                                                                   RCS    

Madeline Wisneski                                                                                                     Holy Family 


Senate Committee Two

Chair: Sean Denser                                                                                                     Holy Family

Elizabeth Daughtery                                                                                                   PWHS

Jack Lewellyn                                                                                                             Holy Family

JJ Philips                                                                                                                     RCS

Tyson Renn                                                                                                                 RCS

Graham Riggs                                                                                                             RCS

Qynton Salyer                                                                                                             Holy Family

Garrett Smith                                                                                                              Holy Family

Milan Trieu                                                                                                                 Holy Family

Micah Zia-Ahmadi                                                                                                     PWHS

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