Night 1 Recap

Welcome back delegates!! We finally made it to our 2022 November session! It was great to see you all tonight and get to know some of you! We discussed some very important matters tonight, so let’s quickly refresh.

First things first, we met Marlana Krulish and our officers! Marlana reminded us of the hotel rules, when to get breakfast, and that we must be with our delegation or an advisor when walking to the capital. NO ONE CAN WALK ALONE!!

After we met Marlana and our officers, Marlana introduced our first guest speaker, Kelly Goering. Kelly talked to us about etiquette and proper manners. How to address people, introduce yourself, shake hands properly, social cues and so much more! Let’s all remember to implement these important, yet simple, tasks not only in our time here in Denver but also in every professional or casual occasion or encounter. Thank you Kelly for coming and speaking to us! We appreciate you and everything you had to share.

After we heard from Kelly, we split into our committees. Here, I hope you all had time to introduce yourselves and get to know others from different schools! We also took the time to read over the bills that each one of us wrote and ask questions.

After we all got time to get to know each other, we sat back down at our tables and heard some important news from our Governor, Bryce Newbanks, about interviewing for a Governor Cabinet position and running for an officer position for next year. Make sure to go to the homepage of this WordPress website to sign up for an officer position. If you’re interested in a Cabinet position, see Bryce for a paper to sign up for an interview.

Then we heard from me, the Editor in Chief, Tate Maddox, about purchasing a COYIG crewneck. They’re 45 $, go get some swag!! I also reminded everyone about checking out our WordPress blogs. And look! You’re here! So thanks for checking this out!

Lastly, we heard from the former 2015 Speaker of the House, Ryan Tseng. Ryan talked to us about applying ourselves to every opportunity that is offered at Youth in Government. He also reminded us about the fact that even if we feel lost, or have no idea what we want to do for a career, there is a path set out for us, and we need to have grace for ourselves because we are capable of doing so many amazing things. Thank you Ryan for inspiring us with your story!!

Well, everyone, that’s a wrap on night 1!! Thank you all so much for taking time out of your Thanksgiving break and for choosing to hang out with us! This is an incredible opportunity for all of us and I encourage each and every one of you to meet new people, ask questions, and most importantly enjoy yourselves!! Remember that breakfast starts at 6:00 am tomorrow and we start General Assembly at 8:30 in the Capital!!


Tate Maddox, Editor in Chief

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