Get to know one of your Speaker’s of the House!

Happy (Almost) Weekend Delegates!

Can you believe how close we are getting to our 2022 session?! Officially 31 days! Who’s got a countdown going?

Before we start, I want to share a Fun Fact for the day: Did you know that it is illegal to own a guinea pig in Switzerland? Who would of thought! Anyways, thanks for bearing with me in that cringy little segment, now let’s move on to the important information!

Our officer who will be joining us today is Dathan Montera, who is one of the two Speaker’s of the House! Make sure to read all the way through to learn about all of the exciting ideas and information that will be shared!

Question 1 : Tell us about yourself!

Dathan is currently a junior at Pueblo West High School, in Pueblo Colorado. Dathan plays libero on his Volleyball team in Pueblo. Dathan is also involved in six different extracurricular clubs! This includes his Speech and Debate team where he competes in both Lincoln Douglas and Congressional Debate! Dathan also really enjoys to spend any of his free time in the outdoors.

Question 2: What initially got you involved in Youth in Government?

Dathan, was not originally planning on coming to Youth in Government last year, but his advisor strongly encouraged him to join, so he went last April and had a blast!

Question 3: What drove you to run for your officer position?

Coming into Youth in Government, Dathan never expected to run for an officer position his first year! But, he saw not many people were running for the Position of Speaker of the House and took the opportunity. Dathan also knew that taking this opportunity would give him incredible experience as he would love to go into politics after he graduates.

Question 4: What are you most excited about for Youth in Government this year?

Dathan is also SO excited to be in the Capitol this year! It such an amazing opportunity to be able to be in session where our real life Colorado Senate and House of Representative sessions take place. He is also so excited to see familiar faces from last year and meet new delegates!

Question 5: What is something you would like to do differently this year?

Dathan would really like to find the balance between professionalism and also having lot of fun at the same time. Together we can make this session so much fun by knowing the time and place to be professional, and the time to be talkative while getting to know new people!

Question 6: What is your favorite part of Youth in Government?

Dathan loves being able to interact with people that he doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with that go to his school and that don’t go to his school!

Question 7: What advice do you have for new and returning delegates?

Dathan’s advice is to be open to what everyone has to say. Whether it be your peers or advisors, take their advice into consideration. He also encourages many to reach out to people from different delegations!

As always, thank you for reading! A friendly reminder to follow Colorado Youth in Government’s Instagram at: coloradoyig, for more information, updates and reminders! Hope you all have a great weekend and remember to register by October 28th!


Tate Maddox, Editor in Chief

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