Get to know your 2022 Governor and Lieutenant Governor!

Good evening delegates!

We hope you are all enjoying your school year and are getting exciting for our 2022 session coming up in 45 days! Every other week leading up to the week of our session on November 20th, you can be sure to look at our WordPress blog, to learn more about our officers! Bryce (Governor) and Ellyott (Lieutenant Governor) so kindly agreed to be the first to tell us a little bit about themselves and what they have in store for this year! Let’s get started!

Question one: Tell us about yourself!

Bryce attends Resurrection Christian School, and is a Senior. He does not play any sports, however he is the captain of his Speech and Debate team!

Ellyott also attends Resurrection Christian School, and is a Junior. Ellyott is involved in Cross Country, Speech and Debate, and Musical Theatre. She also enjoys playing the guitar, piano, and ukulele in her free time!

Question 2: What initially got you involved in Youth and Government?

Both Bryce and Ellyott heard about Youth and Government in their Speech and Debate class. With Bryce competing in congress in Speech and Debate, he was encouraged by many to attend YIG!

Question 3: What drove you to run for your officer position?

Bryce was the Lieutenant Governor last session, with Governor Emily Pearl. After being under Emily and seeing how she lead her delegation, Bryce felt very prepared and was excited to run for Governor! Bryce also explained that he has developed a deep passion for YIG, and was excited for the new possibilities he could bring to Youth in Government as Governor.

Ellyott was really excited about the leadership opportunities that being Lieutenant Governor would bring. Ellyott was Editor in Chief last session and felt like that job prepared her for the tasks that Lieutenant Governor would hold! Ellyott and Bryce also collaborate really well together, so she new that they would make a great team!

Question 4: What are you most excited about for Youth in Government this year?

Bryce is super excited to be in the Capital this year! (Aren’t we all!) He is also very excited to see who wins officer positions for next year, and to see how smoothly everything will run this year and all of the branches working together!

Ellyott is also extremely excited to be in the Capital this year! Ellyott is also excited to see Youth in Government have a bigger congregation this year as Covid has limited the amount of people who have attended YIG the past two years! (This will be our first year back in the Capital since the pandemic!)

Question 5: What is something you would like to do differently this year!

Bryce would like to see more formality and professionalism within each chamber and in general assembly, especially when we have a guest speaker!

Ellyott would like everyone to not be afraid to reach out to other schools! Get to know others! This is a very rare opportunity to meet students from all around Colorado, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Question 6: What advice would you have for new and returning delegates?

Bryce wants to emphasis that it is very important to make Youth in Government the best experience possible for you! Don’t be afraid to talk to other delegations, speak up in committee, and make sure to ask guest speakers any and all questions!

Ellyott agrees with everything Bryce says, but she also wants to emphasis that you will have the best time possible, only if you take the opportunities that you want to take! Even if it might be a little nerve-racking, you will not regret putting yourself out there and taking initiative to speak up and get involved!

Well, thank you for reading our very first WordPress! We hope to see you back in 2 weeks for our next biweekly blog post! Remember… the countdown continues, 45 days until we are back in session!

Registration for YIG closes October 28th!


Tate Maddox, Editor in Chief

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