Day 3 Recap

Good Evening everyone! I hope nobody is too tired after our full day yesterday. 

We started our morning off with a general assembly again today. After reciting the pledge and saying a prayer, our youth governor, Bryce Newbanks, announced his cabinet positions. For the Secretary of Labor, we have ArraCxelii Martinez. Ellie Daughtery is the Secretary of Treasury. The Secretary of Energy is Bailee Rainford. For the Secretary of Education, Estella Hageman was chosen. Lastly, the Secretary of Health and Human Resources is Brian Elliott. Congratulations to all of you! 

After that, we adjourned and began committee sessions, where the entire house discussed together, and the entire senate debated together as one, as well. 

Tonight, at the Governor’s Ball, we will be voting for different committee officers. Here are some interviews with a few of the candidates: 

Attorney General-

Valeria Valdez aspires to be an attorney, so experience in this role with these skills would be very beneficial. She has been in speech and debate for 3 years and has attended various mock trial camps. She has loved meeting new people and thinking critically. 

Bailee Rainford feels that we need more change in the world and would love to be a part of that. She is an NJHS member and officer of the conservation club. She loves law and wants to be even more involved in it. Her favorite part of YIG has been giving speeches when nobody else wants to give them. 

President of the Senate-

Sterling Smith has been to YIG and speech and debate for 2 years now and has been a senator both times. He would love to give back to YIG, especially in the senate. His favorite thing this week has been being the senate chair. 

ArraCxelli Martinez has strong leadership and perseverance skills. She wants to make sure that everyone has a voice, and nobody is overlooked. She believes that her determination would make her a great candidate. 

Chief Justice-

Alexander Potter has done YIG for 2 years and speech and debate for 3 years now. He really wants a more active role at YIG. His favorite part of YIG has been getting to wear the robes. 

Head Lobbyist-

Samantha Bennett is really passionate about discussing her stance on certain topics. As head lobbyist, she would make sure that all other lobbyists would know what to do, so they could do their jobs well. She has loved being able to learn about the government. 

Speaker of the House-

Jacob Cromley has been in the House of Representatives for 3 years now and has a lot of experience. He wants to make YIG a better place and help it run more smoothly. His favorite part of YIG is giving speeches. 

Philip Rasmussen is inspired to make political change in his community and wants to inspire others to do the same. He has a lot of leadership and teamwork experience because he is the captain of his speech and debate team. He loves everything about YIG, especially debating bills he is passionate about. 

Editor in Chief-

Emma Schartow has been involved in yearbook for 3 years and is currently part of the media program here. She really enjoys journalism, taking pictures, and has loved doing interviews. Her favorite part of YIG has been getting to know new people. 

Good luck, everyone!

After lunch, we got together and took some photos on the stairs. Then, we had a quick general assembly, where Marlana asked us to please not use the elevators unless you absolutely need them, and we quickly adjourned. 

Lastly, we went back into our committees and got back to hard work.

In conclusion, today we did not end in a general assembly and headed home to get ready for the Governor’s Ball.

It was a great day 2!

Thanks for reading,

Callie Gillespie and Tate Maddox

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