Recap of Day 2

Good afternoon, everyone! Today we were finally able to get started with committee sessions, general assembly, and more. 

We started the morning off with a general assembly, where we recited the pledge of allegiance and then began swearing in each of our officers. Judge Monica Marquez talked to us about her experience and background in justice with her father and the legacy she is leaving in the capital. Then, she swore in each of the officers by raising their right hand and reciting a vow. Before she left, she did provide an offer for a student tour of the capitol building, so look into that if you are interested! Thank you Judge Marquez for your time with us!

After, Sue Glass, the leader of the YMCA spoke with us. She reminded us of how we are the future of our country and how much influence each one of us holds. We can start working today towards what we want our country to look like in the future. This doesn’t have to only apply to this week at the Capital; we can take that reminder with us all throughout high school, college, and other general parts of our lives.

Then, we began the committee sessions. Here is some information on a couple of bills. In Senate Committee 1, Avery Luther (Senate Clerk) told us about how a bill involving funding towards adding bulletproof windows to all patrol cars was amended. In House Committee 1, Addie Barker informed us of some bills that brought up some controversy, like one about creating a vocational course class period for highschool students. She also had some great advice for everyone: She’s “learned to not be afraid to stand up for your opinions and what you believe in.” More bills are still being debated and passed, so you can check out for a live docket tracker for more information on any bill. There are more links and helpful information there as well!

We had a second general assembly right after lunch. Former youth lieutenant governor of 2015, Jack Johnson, spoke to us for a bit. He reminded all of us that just because we don’t like a law that is passed, it is still our duty to follow that law. If we don’t agree with a law, we also have the ability to join many different government programs to make the difference we want to see in the world!   

After our second general assembly, we split back into our committees for the last time.

And finally, we finished with our last general assembly, where they adjourned our first session!

That’s about it for today. A reminder that the Governor’s Ball is tomorrow night, so get dressed up and go meet some new people! We will also be voting on officer positions for next year.

Have a great night everyone and rest up for tomorrow!

For any other information, check out our newsletter, the Capital Chronicles! 

Thanks for reading!

Callie Gillespie and Tate Maddox

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